New Visitors


We’ve tried to answer the questions we think you might have before your first visit, so that you will feel at home with us. If there's anything further you'd like to know about please contact our minister, Revd Helen Byrne ( tel. 01625 572259)

1. How do I get there?

Broken Cross, on the western edge of Macclesfield, gets its name from the shape of the old crossroads (now traffic lights) where the A537 from Chelford / Knutsford, crosses the B5392 and another minor road. SATNAV - SK10 3JR

From the West

From Monk's Heath traffic lights (junction of A34 and A537)
Follow A537 (signed Macclesfield) though bends on the flat then up a long hill
After 2 miles, look for buildings at top of hill (garage and "Blacksmith's Arms" pub right, garden centre left,). Carry on for 3/4 mile along Chelford Road. 
The front entrance of church is on the left by the 30 mph limit signs.

From the East

From the centre of Macclesfield, follow A537 Chester Road (signed Knutsford)
Look for the Shell petrol station on the right, then continue straight on at Broken Cross roundabout.
Carry on for 300 yards (the road is now named Chelford Road) then first right into Whirley Road
The church is on the left in 100 yards. This is the back entrance with a small car park.

2. Where can I park?

There is limited parking on the church premesis. On road parking is available on Chelford Road and Whirley Road

3. What should I wear?

Most of our regulars choose to dress casually, but please wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

4. Who should I find if I have any questions?

Stewards are available to provide any information you might need.

5. What about my children?

We would encourage you to bring quiet activities for children to do. There is a soft floor space and table at the back of the church for you to sit with your children. There is a Creche room in the church that has toys if you feel you need to remove a younger child from the worship room.

6. Where are the toilets?

You will find toilets down the corridor that runs through the centre of the church building near the back doors. There are men's, women's and disabled toilets with baby change facilities.

7. What can I expect to happen during the service itself?

Our Services are very relaxed and inclusive. Usually front led but sometimes we arrange ourselves 'cafe style' for a more interactive worship time. 

Before the service starts either the piano or organ will be played or if the worship group is playing a few worship songs or hymns will be sung. Any new songs / hymns are usually taught at this time.
The words will be projected on to a large screen at the front of the church but if you would prefer to use a book please ask a steward who will provide the necessary book for the service. Large print format words are also available.
If you don’t know the songs, just relax and listen. 
Most people will stand during any singing, but equally, feel free to sit if you wish.

The service will be introduced by either a steward or the person leading the service who may also give any announcements for the coming week.

An optional free-will offering will be received at some point in the service. If you are visiting please do not feel obliged to give to this. After the offering has been received the stewards proceed from the back of the church and the congregation stands whilst a prayer is said.
 If you wish to follow the reading in the Bible the page number will be displayed on the board to the right of the church and will also be announced.
Spoken prayers for congregational participation will be projected on the screen and will usually include the Lord's Prayer and the grace at the end of the service. 
The sermon is usually around 15 minutes in length.

We assure you that you will not made to feel embarrassed, asked to speak, made to come forward, etc. At one point you may be invited to shake hands and introduce yourselves to some of the people around you, but you’ll find them all very friendly!

Sometimes you’ll find the format a little different. We usually have communion on one of the Sundays in the month but everything will be explained as the service proceeds.

 Please see the programme for details

8. How long will the service be?

Most of our services last about 40 minutes.

9. What happens after the service?

Please join us for free coffee, tea and biscuits straight after service in the Davis Hall, which is situated down the main corridor at the back of the building. Please stay for a while afterwards to give the leaders the chance to get around and meet you. After all, church is all about people and relationships, and we would like to get to know you!